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Gotta Laugh

So I was reading one of my regular comics today, UserFriendly, when I had to laugh at the situation that Greg is in and Irwin’s response.

I know that I’ve kind of ignored this the last week or so but getting into good habits can be difficult.

So after my last post and cajigoring the wireless to get that working, I broke the router. Rob had an old (V1) WRT54G router that he wanted to get DD-WRT running on. So me being me said ‘I can do that for you’ and after the flashing I had a nice bricked router. So after a few hours of research and trying things to unbrick it went to bed.

Saturday we went to The Original Pancake House for a wonderful breakfast. Then it was off to Fry’s to get a new router and a few other little bits and pieces. Back to Rob’s to get the network working again. For dinner it was a great meal at Pappadeaux’s.

Sunday was off to Martin’s for breakfast with some of the best southern biscuits I’ve ever had that were not homemade. We parted ways with Rob there and headed up to meet Peg’s sister Sarah and her son Trey. We had a nice visit then it was off for the long, rainy drive home. We arrived back here at about 2am and it was out like a light for both of us.

Monday was out to breakfast with Peg’s mom and brother Chris for his birthday. Nice meal and great visit. Nancy was preparing to leave for a trip to Isreal with a church group.

Then it was back to the work schedule and not much else until Saturday. The weather was fantastic. Peg’s friend Chris and her charges, a friends four children, were going to the DC zoo so we met up with them there. What a great time that was. Chris was a lovely person to meet and the kids, all under eight I believe, were a treat. It was awesome to see the zoo through their eyes.

Sunday was a lazy day and the last two have been work stuffs.

So now we are here and I am off to bed.