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2008 Stuff

Another year arrives!

So this is the typical ‘what to do with the year’ letter. I’ve been giving this some thought and here’s what I’m thinking, in no particular order with the exception of the first item.

I want to continue to grow the fantastic relationship that I have with Peg. She and I are so great together that no matter what else happens, I want the year to end with us together and as strong or stronger (if possible) than we are now.

The next would be to continue the bonds with family and friends.

If nothing serious happens between now and the end of the year, I should be debt free. I’ve been following the Dave Ramsey plan for a little while now and am really seeing some great steady progress moving forward. Doing some light number crunching shows that at an aggressive pace I should have everything paid off by the end of December 2008. While that date is realistic and the target, my goal date is March 2009. After all, who has a perfect year?

On the Ubuntu advocacy front I have a few ideas. I want to have semi-regular dining out experiences. I think that our Gutsy release party went really well. I want to see us do four more presentations before the end of the year and a community service project of some sort. I have some thoughts on tutorials to do between regular team meetings. Install fests will continue this year with the first one being discussed now. We will hopefully be approved by the 1st anniversary in March. Hopefully we’ll be celebrating that milestone with a table at the Hamfest. I also hope to become an official member by summer. This fall holds some potential, but all of that is out of my hands so I’ll clam up on that for now.

I’m also excited to see what happens with Inara, our dog, over the next year. Already we’re seeing hints of progress after just two weeks. I hope that by the end of January we’ll have her walking on a leash. Maybe by late winter or early spring we’ll be taking in fosters again. This does depend on how well Inara progresses obviously.

Professionally¬† I haven’t set any concrete goals. I’ve gotten the rhythm of the job down now. Going forward is getting deeper and digging into details of the work that I need to focus on. Ways to improve the daily progress and results of what I do.

I want to read at least two books a month.  One to improve myself and one to enjoy.

Outside of that, I just want to have a nice enjoyable year.

Love to all my family and friends!

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  1. Peg wrote:

    “I want the year to end with us together and as strong or stronger (if possible) than we are now”, too!

    I love you sooo much.

    Tuesday, January 1, 2008 at 11:00 pm | Permalink