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Hi Everybody!

Wow, so this is what it’s like to have people (outside your circle) actually reading your blog!

Now I just wish I had something impressive or interesting to say.

Anyway, a short intro in an Ubuntu centric way. My name is Chuck Frain and I have recently become an Ubuntu Member. My major contribution to date has been to start and run the Ubuntu Maryland LoCo team. I have a great team of people around me that has helped keep the whole thing rolling. We’ve managed to keep a regular in-person meeting schedule at the Howard County Library (already an Ubuntu and FOSS friendly place and featured as a case study in Hardy’s Example Documents) going for over a year now. We’ve had several events to promote Ubuntu via install fests, presentations, and we participated in last year’s Software Freedom Day. Between the library and the Loyola College Center for Community Informatics we haven’t had a problem getting space to hold events.

Speaking of events, we have a few on the horizon. First up is a joint venture with the Columbia Area LUG. At CALug’s July 9th meeting we will be having a presentation on GnuPG. Then the Ubuntu Maryland Team’s July 17th meeting will be a hands on follow up to that presentation. We are inviting those who have questions about the actual implementation of GnuPG to bring their laptops and questions after a week of playing at home with the product. We’re going to try to have a few demo machines for those without a portable machine. Then it’s off for a field trip to the NSA Crypto Museum on August 2nd for a guided tour and GPG keysigning event.

We’re working with Celeste Lyn Paul to do a usability study on some of our friends and family members. We’re waiting on a confirmation of a time and place for this.

Then August 9th we’ll be going to the Loyola College Center for Community Informatics to participate in the Global Bug Jam. This will lead into more bug triaging and support from me and hopefully members of the team.

Then the furthest thing out that is planned is Software Freedom Day 08 in September. More details on this in the near future.

That’s about it for me right now. I’m not one to do alot of blog entries as a visit to my site will affirm. I’ll be getting a hackergotchi together in the near future (either on my own or someone volunteering to do it for me). However I do intend to pick up on the entries a bit surrounding the Maryland team and pimp our activities a bit.

Be Seeing You.

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    welcome to the zoo which is planet!

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