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I'm Starting To Get Used To This

That’s what Peg said to me earlier today in reference to my Dell Mini running KDE 4.2.

Early last week her laptop broke in such a way [at the hinge] that I’m unable to fix it myself and it is so old that it is not worth the cost to repair. It is at the point where it might boot some of the time but as soon as a key is pressed the screen goes black. So between now and when she gets a new (or new to her) one she’s using mine. Both my laptop and mini run Ubuntu and Kubuntu respectively. Her laptop had an Ubuntu partition that she would use on occasion to play games and to at least try to use Linux where she can. The machine had some odd lock ups that I did not dig into and would cause her to go back to Windows.

She resigned herself that if she was going to use one of my machines in the mean time it would be under Ubuntu. What she didn’t realise was that I was going to install Kubuntu onto the mini because I’ve been enjoying using it on my new desktop. I wanted to see how it would adapt to the mini. After the initial ‘This is not what was here before [Ubuntu/Gnome]’ phase she settled into it. After a few days of usage she declared how much easier and intuitive KDE was to use over Gnome.

For now, I’m going to be using Kubuntu on the desktop and mini with Ubuntu on the laptop.

On another related topic, Friday night we went to the DC KDE 4.2 release party which was a great time. Celeste picked a nice place with a unique atmosphere. She even got some pics up of the group. We were at the end of the table that were Gnome users there to have a good time and support our KDE cousins. It was good to meet some new people and chat with some familiar faces.

A quick update on the Ubuntu Maryland’s Global Bug Jam participation. I believe I have the location booked, just waiting on the final word. It will be held February 21st from 9:30a, until 1pm if all comes together as I expect. I should have final word on Tuesday at the latest.

Finally a reminder of the next CALug meeting. We will be hosting Paul W. Frields of the Fedora Project. He will be giving a presentation on using tools in Fedora to remix for custom live DVD/CD/USB instances.

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  1. Mackenzie wrote:

    Well isn’t that perfect? DC’s Bug Jam is the same day, starting at 1:30. The MD folks can just metro down to Gallaudet and meet us there to continue debugging!

    Monday, February 2, 2009 at 1:57 am | Permalink