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Circuit City is Irritating

So we were looking for a flat panel monitor today, just on a spur of the moment thing. Checking the ads we saw that Circuit City had a 19′ on sale for a great price, about $169 after rebates. So we ordered on online for in-store pickup. Out to the store we go, holiday traffic and all.

We get there and find a decent parking space. The cashier line that we have to get into to pick the monitor up has 4 employees working four registers. It’s a ‘common feeder’ line and we make the fifth customer in line. Roughly 15 minutes later we get to the cashier.

We explain that we’re there to pick up the monitor we ordered and have our confirmation sheet. The cashier checks our credit card and id and has us sign for the purchase. Another couple comes up and starts complaining about some rebate or other that was not correct. We refocus the cashier on us and she goes to get the monitor. We see her get on the phone. Another 5 minutes later she comes back and says ‘we don’t have it and no other store does either’ and stares at us.

We complain and she gives us a ‘Not my problem’ attitude and we get a gift card for $24 for our trouble. I was unhappy but eh, it’s probably for the best.

Tomorrow it’s off to see the families for general good times and the traditional steamed shrimp dinner! (Thanks Mom and Dad!!!)