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Maryland Intrepid Ibex Release Party

Just to let everyone know the Ubuntu Maryland Loco Team will be gathering at Fuddruckers in Columbia, MD on November 1 at 1pm. We’ll be celebrating the release of the Intrepid Ibex, the first step to the next Ubuntu LTS release. We’ll have lots of people hanging out and enjoying the great food and ambiance of Fuddruckers.

So if you’re interested in attending and bringing your friends and family sign up at the wiki. If you don’t have access to edit the wiki drop an email to ibexrelease at and we’ll put you on the site. (Please specify if you want your name on there or not) Signing up is not required but will help us give a better count for the restaurant.

One Comment

  1. verb wrote:

    Didn’t the community get tired of celebrating buggy software yet?

    When will the devs realize that they have to work on the code rather than prepare for parties. Ubutnu is buggy. It is full of bugs. It has more bugs than any other mainstream OS available.

    Tuesday, October 21, 2008 at 7:34 am | Permalink