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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Sinking Funds And Envelope Budgeting

So this evening I was browsing around the web. I was searching out some blogs and sites about debt reduction. While I am committed to the Dave Ramsey plan at this time, I like to read alternatives just to make sure that I’m not missing some detail. Also I enjoy seeing the progress of others […]

Ubuntu Install Fest March 8th

We can now announce that our next Ubuntu Maryland Install Fest will be on March 8th and hosted by the Loyola College Center for Community Informatics in Columbia, MD. The event will run from 10-2:30. More details will be following.

$25K In Change Buys Truck

So I came across an article the other day. A 71 year old man in Indiana paid for a new truck with cash. Not simply cash, but loose change gathered over the years. This as the the third vehicle he paid for with loose change in thirteen years. Over at The Consumerist where I first […]