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An Ubuntu Maryland Update

The Ubuntu Maryland Loco Team is going great!

We’ve had a meeting every month at the Howard County Central Library since our initial gathering in March. So far every month we’ve had a new new faces show up with new ideas.

Our team has put together some great things. We have Josh working our wiki (among other things he’s volunteered for) better than I was ever able to. Craig and John and doing great things leading the push on our install fests. Joel has recently volunteered to lead our presentations team. LadyNikon is our IRC lead op. We’re still looking for a marketing lead, so if you have such inclinations please feel free to step forward.*

Our first event was an install fest a few weeks ago at the Loyola College Center for Community Informatics which went over real well. Everyone on the team who turned out was a big help and we had a great time. Our next event will be Software Freedom Day which is still in the planning stages.

So if you’re in Maryland and want to help with the loco team, pop over to and find a spot to help out! We’ll be having our regular monthly meeting on August 16th at the Howard County Central Library.

*Names mentioned were culled from the volunteer lists on the Wiki, I didn’t leave out anyone out on purpose! 🙂