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Rebel Rebel

As you may remember I told Peg that it was okay if she got another dog. After the false start with Pet Rescue of Maryland she decided to go the foster route for now.

So about a week and a half ago we were interviewed at home and approved to be fosters by the Montgomery County Humane Society. Last Sunday we were contacted about two different dogs, and were able to take Rebel.

He’s been a good dog so far and I’ve taken to him more than I thought I might. It’s taken him most of the week to understand that he’s not going to yet another place for a little bit. This morning I took him for his walk all on my own and cleaned up after him. That was the big task that I wasn’t looking forward to dealing with having a dog.

Peg’s had a lot of people interested in him just from his photo and description. If it weren’t for his affecting our allergies I think Peg and I would consider keeping him around. There was an event yesterday that we took him to and several applications were put in for him. I’ll be surprised if Rebel is with us much longer depending on how long it takes the organization to process the applicants.

Today I put some chicken wire on the back gate at the gap so that we can let him and future dogs run in the yard without a line on them. Since it was a nice day out we also got some playtime out there with him and he got confused between his favorite toys and deciding which one to keep.