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MMM… Good Jam

So last Saturday the Ubuntu Maryland Team got together at the Howard County Library to jam on some bugs with the rest of the world. First of all thanks to everyone that turned out. We had about a dozen people show up and many of those were new faces.

gbj_feb_09_1 gbj_feb_09_2

I started the morning with the main talk on how to report and triage bugs. This was a talk that I put together the last time and it worked as well the second time around so that was a good thing.

After the questions were done we settled into our work and started looking at bugs. As things progressed we started coming up with questions and noticing the tools our neighbors were using. This lead to discussions on things from screen usage to gpg to where to buy surplus hardware.

Lots of good things happened on the day and everyone had a good time. We’re defiantly looking forward to the next event.