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Its A Geeknic In Maryland

Its a picnic!
Its a Ubuntu Release Party!!
Its a birthday party for Brian!!!

Its the first Maryland Geeknic!!!!

That’s right, the first Maryland Geeknic is being organized now! And we want YOU to be a part of it.

We will be holding this event on 10/10/10 at the Westminster Community Pond in Carroll County, MD from 11am-4pm.

What we’re looking for from you is a few things.

1. We want you to sign up and let us know that you’ll be attending! To do this, we’ve set up a wiki page on the Ubuntu Maryland Team’s wiki site. Fill in your name or nickname, the number of people you are bringing (including yourself) and what you can bring for the pot luck portion of the picnic.

2. We are, as mentioned above, looking for contributions from attendees in a number of ways. What we need are:

  • Pot Luck donations. Food of all types are being sought after.
  • Bring games to play. Its more fun to bond over games, especially if you’re the winner:)
  • Grills. The park area allows grills to be brought in, but does not provide any. If you have a grill you can bring, let us know.
  • Monitary donations. We are looking for monetary donations to cover the costs of the pavilion rental, burgers, dogs and basics for the picnic. Should we collect more than needed, those funds will be applied to future events.

3. Contact us with questions, concerns or pledges if you are unable or choose not to add yourself to the wiki. Our contact email is

More info will be coming, but this will get us started!