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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Farewell LugRadio!

I am both sad and glad to see the boys calling it a day for the program. I am saddened that the show is going away as it is always interesting to listen to by the time I would get to it. There was a time where I would hold out on release Monday mornings […]

Maryland Team IRC Chat Wednesday July 2nd

Just as a reminder the Maryland team will be be holding our monthly IRC meeting this Wednesday July 2nd at 8pm eastern. The agenda as of now is: Usability Testing Discussion – Where are we at? Maryland’s Global Bug Jam Discussion NSA Museum & GPG Keysigning Software Freedom Day 2008 – We need topics and […]

Hi Everybody!

Wow, so this is what it’s like to have people (outside your circle) actually reading your blog! Now I just wish I had something impressive or interesting to say. Anyway, a short intro in an Ubuntu centric way. My name is Chuck Frain and I have recently become an Ubuntu Member. My major contribution to […]

Ubuntu Maryland Summer 08

Lots of things are on the agenda for the Ubuntu Maryland team this summer and into the fall. The first up will be our field trip to the NSA Crypto Museum & GnuPG keysigning on August 2nd and the events leading up to that. It starts with the July 9th meeting of the Columbia Area […]