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Adding IR to Xbian

For Christmas one of the gifts-to-myself was a Logitech Harmony Smart Control. This was to replace an aging Harmony 550 with some button issues. In the course of setting things up I wanted to get IR working with my Xbian installation on the Raspberry Pi. I needed to get an IR receiver and found that […]

NASCAR, make me want to be a fan again

This post has been in the outline stage for nearly a year. It was started over the summer before the MWR incident at Richmond this year (2013) which brought it back to mind for me to complete. TL;DR NASCAR needs to overhaul the points system to make the weekends more competitive to make me a […]

What makes a good tutorial?

Recently I came across a Google+ discussion about a post that was in the tutorial section of a community. The problem was the post itself wasn’t, to many, a tutorial at all. It was more of a ‘look what I did’ post. Sure it described what it was, what it was used for, and the […]

Providence, RI Tree Planting

From my Sister-in-law: Call for volunteers- especially West Siders !!! I know tomorrow is an extremely busy day for everyone and I know you all have neighborhood cleanups to attend, But, we (PNPP) need additional able bodied tree planters for our tree planting between Westminster St and Broadway tomorrow (Saturday 4/20/13) morning from 10:30 am […]

Leaving Ubuntu

After some consideration of both recent and historical decisions by Canonical in regards to the Ubuntu project and distribution, the lack of any noticeable dissension by the community leadership, I’ll be deleting my Launchpad account, along with all memberships to Ubuntu groups, this Saturday, March 2nd. The date represents the six year anniversary of my creating the account, […]

Ubuntu Maryland New Contact

I want to let everyone know that the Ubuntu Maryland Loco Team has a new contact. Ron Swift has stepped in to take over the reigns. Those who have been involved with the team know that he has been an invaluable part of the team since its earliest days. Whenever help was needed he has […]

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope that the day was wonderful for everyone, and if not then you made the best of it!

Going to FUDCon!

Yup, I’ll be heading to Blacksburg, VA for the Fedora FUDCon 2012! I’m looking forward to going to this event. I’ve recently switched a couple of machines over to Fedora and been happy with the results so far. It’ll be interesting to see how one of these events works for someone fresh to the Fedora […]

Resolve To Talk To Your Group!

So I’ve been doing the whole reflecting on the last year and goal setting and planning for the next year thing. As part of the process I look at the schedules for the various groups that I am a part of and those that I run. In particular I want to talk about the Columbia […]

Talking About Enhancing The B&N Nook Color

On Thursday, May 19th I’ll be giving a talk to the Open Source Maryland group at the Howard County Library Central Branch from 7-9pm. Titled “Exploring the possibilities of the best tablet value on the market, the Nook Color”. The talk will be an introduction to the publicly available information about enhancing the Nook Color […]