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Monthly Archives: January 2009

One More Thing

I forgot to include in yesterday’s post that Microcenter will have their in-store clinic at all their locations (according to their site) this Saturday and Sunday at 2pm. The reason I mention it here is that the topic will be Linux Basics. This is the first time they have offered this topic so I do […]

Thanks and the Future

Hi Everybody. I have a few things to talk about so I’ll cover them in order. First, thanks to all my friends and family that donated financially and/or encouraged my effort at Plungapaloza ’09 for the Maryland Special Olympics. Together we raised $600 and helped to enhance some lives. You can see my pictures and […] vs Twitter or Open vs Closed

Over the last month I’ve seen a few posts that makes me wonder about the choices made in open vs closed software. These examples are all related to choices in the microblogging category. The choices are that of vs twitter. The first was an announcement of a new launchpad feature. This was announced as […]