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Monthly Archives: May 2007


Well I’m down here near Orlando, FL visiting with Peg’s sister and family. Their daughter is graduating high school and Peg has been looking for a good excuse to visit. Works out like peanut butter and jelly I guess! Anyway this is the first time I’ve met this part of the family and they’re all […]

Happy Mothers Day!

Thank you Mom for everything you’ve done for me over the years. With your love and guidence I have become the man that I am today. It is so nice to know that I can come to you and talk with you about anything. Your love and caring show through in more ways than you […]

Ubuntu Maryland Team Meeting May 17th

May 17th will be the next meeting of the Ubuntu-Maryland LoCo Team. I’ve posted the agenda over at the forums for your reading pleasure.

VoIP Enthused

Well after last nights Columbia Area LUG meeting I’ve gotten the fire stoked up again to set up a VoIP server at home to bring in real phone numbers again. Thanks to Terry Dunlap and The Other Guy for their great presentations. If your LUG or other computer club wants a presentation on VoIP for […]

OpenID Enabled

So recently I’ve been looking into the benefits of OpenID. After doing the research, it seemed like a good idea. Why use various logins throughout the web. I can just use, and trust, one site with my password to log into many different places. If I lose trust in that site, I can move my […]

VPN Home

I finally had a chance to confirm that my VPN works! I was able to connect into my home network from outside via OpenVPN. Having a library with open WiFi is a good thing! I also announced in the forums that the Planet is about ready for business. I’ll have the agenda for the meeting […]

Geek Stuff

Over the weekend when not working on the porch and yard, I kind of geeked out a bit. It started Friday night finally getting my Knoppmyth box running with the DirecTV satellite box. I’ll be posting a page in the near future with the details on the little tricks I needed to use to get […]

Stairway To The Door

Saturday morning started with my Dad coming over. He, Peg, and myself went down to BJ Pumpernickel’s for a nice breakfast before getting to work. The back steps on the house have been kind of loose for the last couple month. So my dad agreed to come down and help fix them up. Since he […]

Big Boots

Uncle Leonard, you will be missed. It’s hard for me to write about him as I’m worried that my words are not adequate. He was always such a big man to me. He was one of those guys who grew up in town and became part of it. His daughters and family were the most […]