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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Keysigning Keyring Is Mailed Out

For those participating in the Ubuntu Maryland/CALug NSA Museum GPG keysinging, you should see the keyring with the keys I have in your email. The md5sum is 13325b1f1bd14ed78b44c016bec77398 and there is a detached .sig file as well. See you Saturday! PS Don’t forget August 9th is the day the Ubuntu Maryland Team will be participating […]

Maryland Team and CALug Keysigning Info

We have a list of participants for the GnuPG keysigning this weekend at the NSA Museum. I’ve sent the list out to those who are participating so you should see it in your inbox at the email address on your provided key. If you do not get it let me know by Thursday so I […]

Maryland Loco Meeting Thursday July 17th

As a reminder the Ubuntu Maryland Loco Team will be holding part 2 of our three part GnuPG program with the CALug group at our next meeting. This part will be the hands on portion. Please feel free to bring in your laptops and questions on how to use GnuPG. We will have at least […]

CALug GnuPG Presentation

As a reminder the CALug GnuPG presentation is this Wednesday, July 9th at Tenable Network Security’s offices in Columbia, MD. Alan Hastings will be giving the main body of the presentation and then I will start about 8:30 with a quick talk about how the GnuPG key signing will be organized for the NSA Crytpo […]