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Category Archives: Nascar

NASCAR, make me want to be a fan again

This post has been in the outline stage for nearly a year. It was started over the summer before the MWR incident at Richmond this year (2013) which brought it back to mind for me to complete. TL;DR NASCAR needs to overhaul the points system to make the weekends more competitive to make me a […]

Free Happenings

So much going on, where to start. I’ll start with a big thank you to Paul W. Frields from the Fedora Project for an excellent talk at CALug last Wednesday. He gave us a presentation on remixing Fedora that led to pleasantly running over our regular end time. Many things were discussed and asked about […]

Kurt Busch Should Sit Out

What Kurt did to Tony on pit road during the Dover race was wrong and uncalled for. It put the life of a pit crew member in jeopardy. I’m not much of a beer drinker but when I do it’s Miller Lite. If Miller doesn’t suspend Kurt for at least a race on top of […]