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Monthly Archives: December 2006

Getting Caught Up

Well it’s been a few days since my last post, so here’s some catchup info. Wednesday Peg and I went out to breakfast with Liz and Jim to Lenny’s in Reisterstown. It’s a nice deli that my Dad took me to for the first time some months ago. Everyone seemed to like it. We got […]

Radio Installs

I actually slept in today until about 8:30 after having slept all night. After breakfast I installed Peg’s new Sirius radio and set that up all nice and neat. I’m going to have to figure out how to hardwire the power for the car as the cig lighter adapter is in a really bad spot, […]

Merry Christmas!

Well it was a great couple days. Yesterday we went over to Peg’s Mom’s for a visit and family photo. I got a great couple of gifts from her Mom and had a nice time, not withstanding the fire alarm incident. Once the pictures were taken I said my goodbyes and it was off to […]

Circuit City is Irritating

So we were looking for a flat panel monitor today, just on a spur of the moment thing. Checking the ads we saw that Circuit City had a 19′ on sale for a great price, about $169 after rebates. So we ordered on online for in-store pickup. Out to the store we go, holiday traffic […]

Test posing from Perfomancing

I had forgotten I got this little extension for FireFox. I’m going to have to toy with this a little bit.

Christmas is Almost Here!

I think that the majority of my shopping is done for this year. Now I just have to find those two gifts that I put away and said ‘I won’t forget where these are’. The only shopping that I have left is to get that one gift for the person that I forgot, whoever that […]