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CALUG Speaker Wanted For Wednesday The 8th

If you’re in the Columbia, MD area on December 8th and would like to present to CALUG on a Linux, FOSS or computer security topic drop me a line.

Getting Started With Ubuntu In Maryland

Are you in the Columbia, MD area and looking for help with Ubuntu? Need some advice with the installation? Need help figuring out what to do after its installed? Want to just chat a bit with other Ubuntu users?

Stop by the Howard County Public Library Central Branch this Thursday November 18th from 7-9pm. Ubuntu Maryland team members will be there to talk with and answer your questions.

Maryland Release Party And GeekNic 10/10/10

Don’t forget to let us know if you’ll be attending the first Maryland Geeknic and Ubuntu release party this coming Sunday!

Sign up on the wiki or drop us an email at

Its A Geeknic In Maryland

Its a picnic!
Its a Ubuntu Release Party!!
Its a birthday party for Brian!!!

Its the first Maryland Geeknic!!!!

That’s right, the first Maryland Geeknic is being organized now! And we want YOU to be a part of it.

We will be holding this event on 10/10/10 at the Westminster Community Pond in Carroll County, MD from 11am-4pm.

What we’re looking for from you is a few things.

1. We want you to sign up and let us know that you’ll be attending! To do this, we’ve set up a wiki page on the Ubuntu Maryland Team’s wiki site. Fill in your name or nickname, the number of people you are bringing (including yourself) and what you can bring for the pot luck portion of the picnic.

2. We are, as mentioned above, looking for contributions from attendees in a number of ways. What we need are:

  • Pot Luck donations. Food of all types are being sought after.
  • Bring games to play. Its more fun to bond over games, especially if you’re the winner:)
  • Grills. The park area allows grills to be brought in, but does not provide any. If you have a grill you can bring, let us know.
  • Monitary donations. We are looking for monetary donations to cover the costs of the pavilion rental, burgers, dogs and basics for the picnic. Should we collect more than needed, those funds will be applied to future events.

3. Contact us with questions, concerns or pledges if you are unable or choose not to add yourself to the wiki. Our contact email is

More info will be coming, but this will get us started!

Free State, Free Software Celebration

Just a friendly reminder that this Saturday, September 18th from 10am-2pm the Ubuntu Maryland Local Community Team and the Howard County Library will bring you a day of Free software education and discussions. The event will be taking place at the Miller branch computer lab.

Let us help you learn how Free software can benefit you and your community’s computing needs today and into the future. See and experience quality Free software applications that you can use every day. Discover how the Howard County Library itself takes advantage of Free software throughout their system to provide hundreds of public computers.

See you there!

Maryland Celebrates Software Freedom

The Ubuntu Maryland Loco Team, along with the Howard County Library, presents Software Freedom Day 2010 in Howard County, MD!

Software Freedom Day is a worldwide day to celebrate the accomplishments of and educate people on the value and values of Free software.This software is not only free in cost but also Free to share and enhance. We hope to teach you how you can use Free software in your daily life.

We will have a day of presentations and discussion about Free software at the Howard County Library’s Miller branch computer lab.

If you have any questions feel free to drop an email to sfd10 at Please come and join us on the day, we’ll be happy to have you there!

Software Freedom Day In The Free State!

Well it is that time of year again! Software Freedom Day is September 18th!

This year the Ubuntu Maryland Local Community Team will again be holding a day of talks and discussions about Free and Open Source Software at the Miller Branch of our co-sponsors the Howard County Library! We are currently planning to have the event from 10am until 2pm.

Currently we are looking for speakers! If you have a Free and/or Open Source project you would like to educate us about let us know and we’ll put you on the schedule! If there is an aspect of Free software that you would like to hear about let us know that as well and we will do our best to find a speaker for that topic!

Send us an email at with your offer to give an educational talk or your requested topic.

Ubuntu Is Installed – Now What?

Please join the Ubuntu Maryland Loco Team Thursday June 17th for our meeting at the Howard County Library Central Branch starting at 7pm!

Last month we gave an overview of Ubuntu and some installation tips. Now that you have installed Ubuntu we will be touching on a few introductory topics that will help you start using your new OS. Among the items we’ll cover as a part of the presentation will be installing applications, navigating the menus, some basic system configuration, and using We are planning time for questions after the planned demonstrations.

Please visit our event page if you would like a PDF version of the flyer to print out and post at your favorite locations!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Welcome New Ubuntu People In Maryland!

At our last meeting for the Ubuntu Maryland Local Community Team we had a new format to play with and test out. Starting with a presentation and finishing up with a general discussion.

I gave a talk I wrote entitled ‘Welcome to Ubuntu’ which is a starting point for people new to Ubuntu. What it is about and how things work from a high overview perspective. What you can expect once you have installed the Ubuntu distribution. We had over a dozen people turn out for the event and some great questions and discussions about Ubuntu and Free software.

So for the next meeting on June 17th we will continue with this format. I have a tentative talk in mind and will post again in a few days once I have a title and firm idea of what will be discussed.

Welcome To Ubuntu May 20th in Columbia, MD

Just a few more days until my talk entitled ‘Welcome to Ubuntu‘.

This will be an introductory talk about what Ubuntu Linux is and how you can use it in your daily life. So if you or someone you know is curious and would like to come out on May 20th to the Howard County Library Central branch from 7-9pm. I and my team will be happy to talk to you about the benefits of Ubuntu!

If you bring a USB drive with 1GB or more free space we can install a live USB version of Ubuntu for you to use and install from!

We will also be providing free Ubuntu CDs for all who attend!