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$25K In Change Buys Truck

So I came across an article the other day. A 71 year old man in Indiana paid for a new truck with cash. Not simply cash, but loose change gathered over the years. This as the the third vehicle he paid for with loose change in thirteen years.

Over at The Consumerist where I first found the story, many of the comments focus on the fact that by saving his coins he lost out on interest over the years. So what if he didn’t ‘maximize the potential of his funds’. It seems to me that the important bit in the article is the fact that he saved for this purchase with loose change. Not with any big plan of action. Not worrying about the couple of thousand dollars he would have made in interest over the years.

Just a little savings every day. A simple habit that pays off in the long run.

Think about this the next time you see a penny on the ground.