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Software Freedom Day 2009

Software Freedom Day 2009 planning is getting into full swing!

As the Ubuntu Maryland team did last year, we are planning a day of talks and discussions about Open Source Software and its benefits. While there may be a bias towards the Linux platform in general and the Ubuntu distribution in particular we are open to talks on Open Source projects for any OS platform. In addition we are hoping to have some talks on open formats and standards.

The important aspect to remember about these talks are they should be geared toward end users. They should have a tone regarding ‘how can FLOSS benefit the person sitting before me and learning this subject for the first time?’

There are two types of talks we will be looking at providing. One is a longer format consisting of talks 25-45 minutes in length. These will be projects and concepts that include more content and demos. The other talks will be ranging from 10-15 minutes to briefly go over a subject or project.

We are currently looking for speakers who have topics they would like to present on. Also we are looking for topics that the you, the attendee would like to hear about. If you have suggestions or questions please email us at sfd09 <at> and we’ll see about getting you set up!