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Maryland FOSS Online Project

Hi everyone! Ubuntu Maryland Team member and University of Maryland Lug (my first LUG way back when) President Craig Younkins has started a new project. Let’s Help FOSS.

This is an online event Saturday night from 8-10pm. From his original email:


– Contribute code to your favorite FOSS project
– Confirm, triage, and gather more information for Launchpad bugs
– Improve the community documentation on the Ubuntu Wiki or another FOSS project
– If you’re not very technical, your ideas can still be very valuable over at the Ubuntu Brainstorm
– Talk about the latest in tech and FOSS while doing it!

Hop on OFTC IRC Server and our SIP conference room to chat about
everything tech, linux, and geeky! Let’s have a good time while doing it.
IRC: #umbclinux on
SIP room:

See how to use IRC and how to use Ekiga to join us. I’ll be there, and I hope to see you too!