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CALug Snow Plans For Feb 10th Meeting

It looks like we’re in for more snow this Tuesday night into Wednesday. If we get what is expected the scheduled CALug meeting with Jonathan Riddell and Justin Kirby will be postponed until Thursday at best and canceled at worst. There are several moving parts right now that need to be coordinated before the final determination is made.

So keep an eye out here, on the CALug mailing list, my identica account, the CALug identica group and/or my twitter account. Those last three will be the same message across them all so pick your favorite (Hint: The Identica site runs Free AGPL software). The CALug website will also be updated but may be a bit behind the announcements I make via my feeds.

Also don’t forget that the local KDE release party will be at Fuddruckers in Columbia, MD on Friday the 12th. With luck the snow will be gone by then!