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Getting Caught Up

Well it’s been a few days since my last post, so here’s some catchup info.

Wednesday Peg and I went out to breakfast with Liz and Jim to Lenny’s in Reisterstown. It’s a nice deli that my Dad took me to for the first time some months ago. Everyone seemed to like it. We got back to my parents and I worked with my Dad a bit on a small project involving Mom’s Christmas gift. Turns out that the under the cabinet TV he purchased doesn’t work. So he’s taking that back to Sears. We then said our good-byes to Liz and Jim who are returned to RI on Thursday.

From there we set of to my old apartment complex and turned in the keys and paperwork. Then it was the auto parts store for a new cigarette lighter for the Honda. After fixing that, I did a quick wire run for the Sirius and it works great using the FM modulator. And for those that have trouble with the modulators, disconnect or put the antenna down. From there it’s pack for the trip.

Thursday – Off to North Carolina to visit the Fems. it was a long drive, but nice with the Sirius all hooked up:) They are doing real well, and Natalie is a real cutie.

Friday – After some great bagels that Rob had dropped off the day before on his stay at Casa de Fem it was off to see Rob in Atlanta. Hit some traffic on the way but nothing too intense. Some crazy drivers down here though. We went out for a dinner at Cracker Barrel that was very tasty. Peg broke the peg game after playing with it one time. Then it was back here to Rob’s nice house and after some cajigory got the wireless network working:)