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Radio Installs

I actually slept in today until about 8:30 after having slept all night.

After breakfast I installed Peg’s new Sirius radio and set that up all nice and neat. I’m going to have to figure out how to hardwire the power for the car as the cig lighter adapter is in a really bad spot, and I have to hardwire the other car because that one just doesn’t work.
Then it was off to sis’ to install a Sirius into their car and found it was really easy. Then I played on the Wii with the nephew and hung out with Ed a bit. While that was going on the girls were out shopping and getting their post holiday spending out of their system. Once they got back Peg was teaching my niece to knit.

After that it was dinner at the steak house and home to relax. Lots of fun!