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Big Boots

Leonard's Gear

Uncle Leonard, you will be missed. It’s hard for me to write about him as I’m worried that my words are not adequate. He was always such a big man to me.

He was one of those guys who grew up in town and became part of it. His daughters and family were the most important things to him. When he called you a friend, he was there for you. His friends responded in kind. He spent his adult life involved in his passion, that of the Volunteer Fire Department. While not always an active member, he was there for them as they needed him in any way they required. From running calls in his younger days to supporting the firefighters on extended calls. Working the food stand at the fair to renovating all the horses on the carousel.

In his final days he took care to plan out how he wanted his family and friends to say goodbye. Overseeing the details so it was all taken care of. What he wanted in the ceremonies and what his family and friends should do so when the time came there was time to mourn. It was the most impressive and moving funeral I have been to for with all the ceremony, it was tastefully done.

Among the many memorable things that happened that day one of the things that will stay with me is something that my nephew Jimmy noticed. After seeing the firetruck that took Leonard to his final resting place, he was talking about Leonard’s gear on the back of it. He was fascinated by the size of his boots. Hearing Jimmy talk about how big they were took me back to when I was a kid and looking up to the big man with his pipe at the ready. Always smiling and I don’t recall him ever talking bad about anyone.

I’ll miss you Uncle Leonard.