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Stairway To The Door

Saturday morning started with my Dad coming over. He, Peg, and myself went down to BJ Pumpernickel’s for a nice breakfast before getting to work. The back steps on the house have been kind of loose for the last couple month. So my dad agreed to come down and help fix them up. Since he enjoys doing woodworking projects I knew he’d be more than happy to help.

As we were doing the work it really hit me how much things have changed with us. Growing up I always looked at these projects as things that had to get done. Now I see that it was time that I got to spend with my Dad. And then in the time that I was renting a place I didn’t have ‘projects around the house’ to work on with him. Now that I’m living with Peg in the house, I have projects that need to be done. Amazingly I can do many of them on my own, but thinking on this it’s all because of the time I worked with my Dad growing up.

So now that I have the ‘projects around the house’ it’s nice to have Dad come over and work with me on them. We get time together and I get to really understand what I’m doing and learn what’s happening.

Thanks Dad!