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Geek Stuff

Over the weekend when not working on the porch and yard, I kind of geeked out a bit. It started Friday night finally getting my Knoppmyth box running with the DirecTV satellite box. I’ll be posting a page in the near future with the details on the little tricks I needed to use to get that running properly.

Then on Saturday I was walking by Peg and saw on her laptop that it was in the process of upgrading her Edgy install to Feisty. She got a prompt when she booted up and just followed the instructions. She wasn’t sure about replacing a few config files but outside of that she took care of it on her own and had a working system afterwards! For someone who is not a Linux person I think that was a job well done, and goes to show how far Ubuntu has come.

Then today I set up a Planet for the Ubuntu-Maryland team. As it is late and I still have some details to work out I’m keeping it in ‘beta’ phase at the moment. Once I’m more confident that it’s working properly, I’ll be posting the announcement in the forum. Thanks to the PATeam guys for the idea!