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Reminder — CALUG April 13th

Greetings Everyone!

We will be welcoming David A. Lane, KG4GIY. He will be speaking on the topic of HAM radio and Linux applications, or lack thereof.

So be sure to join us at the Columbia, MD offices of Tenable Network Security from 6:30-9pm. Enter at the back patio door near the blue tables. The Nessus eye logo is on the side of the building keeping an eye out for you! The address is:

7063 Columbia Gateway Drive Suite 100
Columbia, MD 20832

We’ll be enjoying pizza and soda provided by Praxis Engineering from 6:30-7 while getting to know each other. David will start his talk about 7pm.

About the David and his talk:

I plan to do a brief overview of what Amateur Radio is, how Linux and Amateur Radio have a history of interaction and then posing the question ”Why are there not more Linux-based programs and tools for Amateur Radio” With plenty of time for questions and answers and such.

David A. Lane

Company: top secret
Location: Manassas, Virginia

Born in Toronto, Canada, David started with SlackWare back in the early 1990s, picked up the OReilly distribution of what was the first Red Hat commercial release and the rest is history. Since then, he has integrated Linux into NetWare, Windows and Unix environments and vice versa, working from single monster machines to purpose built systems from clustered web services to DNS to basic file and print.

If David has a specialty, it is making “other” operating systems work and integrate with Linux, including Oracle (since version 8) and Windows. He is a networker more than a programmer and has read more readmes and integrated more oddball code than he could begin to recount.

David shares his thoughts on the world of Open Source, especially the challenges of the heterogeneous environment on the Linux Journal web site.

David is also a licensed Amateur Radio Operator and the Emergency Coordinator for Prince William County (VA) Amateur Radio Emergency Service (PWCARES).