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Merry Christmas!

Well it was a great couple days.

Yesterday we went over to Peg’s Mom’s for a visit and family photo. I got a great couple of gifts from her Mom and had a nice time, not withstanding the fire alarm incident. Once the pictures were taken I said my goodbyes and it was off to my family for dinner and gift exchange. I had a very enjoyable time catching up with my brother and Liz. Rose and her family showed up and the shrimp dinner was great even if there was more hidden. I got some very nice gifts that I will have lots of fun using. Then it was home to meet up with Peg.
Today we started out the morning waking up early and exchanging gifts. Peg loved all of them that I got her, including her web site. I’m wondering what went over better, the new comforter or the easy button🙂

Today she also finally met my aunt Betty, Jim, Liz, Rose and her other kids. She met my brother in law and niece previously.
We started out going to my Mom and Dad’s and realized on the way that we both forgot our cels, but decided not to worry about it today. After chatting for a while we gave them our gifts and Peg received hers from them. The two of us and my brother and Liz got our stockings which we hung on the treadmill with care.

From there we went to visit my aunt with my brother and Liz and talked for an hour or so. Very nice time there. We then traveled to my sister’s for dinner (excellent as always, thanks Rose!) and a relaxing time with the kids.

We then took Jim and Liz to my parents, a few cookies and then back home. A long but throughly enjoyable day!